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Why are you always ignored by overseas clients?

Why are you always ignored by overseas clients?

Foreign trade small partners you have encountered such a problem, no matter how many communication emails, how can not get a reply from the mail, and sometimes customers clearly have communicated, but suddenly began to ignore - you often think is where the problem, but can not think out, the problem can not be solved, because you do not know the - reply - send more mail.

For our small foreign trade partners in this case, Xiao Yi to share a solution to the secret, combined with a variety of possible situations, analysis of the reasons, as far as possible to give solutions, so that you can greatly increase your work efficiency, improve your billing volume.

Scenario 1: "Your performance is unscionable and the customer thinks you cannot be trusted"

Analysis: the existence of this situation is also a lot, customers want prices, you grind, after a long time to reply, the offer given is not complete, either lack of payment methods, or lack of parameters, the local market completely do not understand, clearly the local can only use letters of credit, you also bite what TT, these are very unscionable performance, when the customer has alot of resources on hand, you will be brushed off!

Solution: let oneself become professional and professional, professional is a foreign trade salesman's necessary professional qualities, and this literacy lies in the daily accumulation of materials and ;At the same time, you have to have the ability to condition reflexes and be able to give the customer the product information they want in the first place.

Scenario 2: "The information you find is too old for this company to need this product"

Analysis: Where you get the information, when you release it?

Solution: There are still a lot of small partners do not know the importance of analyzing customer background, directly through Tradesns to query customs data, through GPM's data analysis will know the company's procurement data and the company's procurement frequency and other information, through which data can directly understand the company in the industry supply chain which link. For the industry to have a better grasp, these preparations for your conversation with customers will be very helpful.

Scenario 3: "The contact information you find is for sale, not for purchase"

Analysis: This is very simple, can be found directly information is generally the sale of the mailbox, just as we also send b2b ads every day

Solution: This is the problem of inaccurate contactinformation, Tradesns customs data bring their own contact information, quality is relatively high, hot countries or companies relatively more purchasing heads, have a name mailbox, can be used directly. But there are many buyers' contact information is not the main person in charge, or there is no contact information at all. This requires us to dig deep into the contact information. So how do you dig up contact information?

Use the Precision Owner Positioning service in TradesnsGPM to search for the right person in one click. After years of iteration of big data algorithms, Tradesns" "precise owner positioning" technology has matured and can be used directly as a contact when searched.

Scenario 4: "The customer already has a fixed supplier and does not intend to replace it for the time being"

Analysis: This is best supported by relevant data, such as customs data, such as through the following people

Solution: Don't think about foreigners too complex, they are also people, I have "inside line" in many customer companies, of course, these inside line is not really meaning of the inside line, I contact the internal clerk by phone or mail, they may be nothing, but I often chat with them, can get a lot of information, such as I can know their business situation, production situation, if the other side has been purchasing this product, but ignore me, must be my condition is not enough to let him betray his partner.

Scenario 5: "Your price is too high and the customer has no room for bargaining"

Analysis: Really talk to your manager once, what's your ? price? For example, I have a product floor price is 10,000, I will tell my sales staff 17,000, the lowest, less than a point do not sell, only a salesman, often come to me to chat, tell me that his customers demand, strength, intention, let cheaper, well I give you 15,000, don't let others know Oh! Or, you register a foreign mailbox, go to set your peer's price, know the industry-level price, quote to know each other!

Solution: Ask your quoting person, usually the manager or boss, for a minimum price.

To sum up the above several situations, may be a lot of foreign trade salesmen will encounter, so ah, may wish to grow snacks, learn some coping skills, passive into active, to avoid customer neglect.