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Good attitude and attitude in foreign trade

Good attitude and attitude in foreign trade

In Xiao Yi's previous article, Xiao Yi has explained what we should do if there is no order, but as a foreign trade salesman, sales performance is undoubtedly the most important, in addition to doing a good job, the businessman's mentality and attitude will also change, this time there will be a lot of small partners into the situation of self-doubt, but in fact this time is the test of our mentality and attitude, then we have no orders or usually work how to adjust our mentality and attitude?

01 Maintain a positive work attitude and positive thinking

The so-called positive thinking, is when we see difficulties, people cloud also cloud, you can see different things. Take the Middle East market as an example, many people think that it is a relatively low-end market, the price is very low, the credibility is not good. In fact, there is no weak market, only weak people. When you really dive to study this market, you will find that most customers due to the price of sea freight, many customers are biased towards booking high cabinets do not order small cabinets. Look at those small, poor numbers in some European countries, and N multi-supplier competition.

In fact, many Middle Eastern Jews attach great importance to the contracting and credibility, not as low as many people think. There are also some very close to the Middle East customers, recommended to me, made a lot of orders.

So, anything, don't always see difficulties. It's like a customer coming up with a complaint, and if you're always subjectively too hard to do, and then respond to the customer perfunctoryly, things get worse and worse. If you think you're actively helping your customers solve problems properly, why not give them a higher impression score?

02 It's important to think that you're fit for foreign trade

Some people are because they like English, some people read this major, some people are attracted by the appearance of foreign trade, some people are attracted because of interest. Personally, I think interest is the first important thing and will give you sustained motivation and passion. If you don't feel interested in foreign trade work, then I think you're less interested in suffering and suffering, and you're thinking about it, aren't you? If so, you wouldn't be better off jumping to another company.

Here to be clear is that there is no interest is not whether there is no skill, there are many small partners will be because there is no skill to gradually lose interest in the foreign trade industry, such a small partner can go to the easy home community to see, there are many foreign trade people published professional foreign trade dry goods and foreign trade information, interested in small partners can go directly inside to ask questions.

03 The existence of individual differences, everyone is different

The key is to see first there is no interest, second there is no confidence, again personal pursuit. Some people have no patience for doing something complicated, and some people persist for years. Whether it's just finding a job or a higher level of need, such as learning, improving, challenging yourself, and realizing self-worth. Everyone has a different idea. If you prefer a comfortable and relaxed life, you might as well find a secure job.

Everyone wants to work in a good working environment, the best working atmosphere is good, there is no fight between colleagues, the boss attaches great importance to training new people, give more opportunities. It is best to have an old salesman guide you, the boss himself understand foreign trade is better. The fact is, such a company is not everyone can meet, the majority of foreign trade enterprises are still small and medium-sized private enterprises, the boss may not understand foreign trade, other salesmen may not have the effort to teach you. What to do? Help the self-help! Inf!

Some family businesses, bosses do not understand, they do not understand foreign trade. In fact, you have to look at the other side of the problem, that is: no one is better than you, no one supervises. You can enter your own world as much as you like, and our time is so limited that we don't waste time in someone else's life.

04 Give full play to subjective initiative

What do you mean subjective initiative? Is to have a sense of ownership, the company as their own office, usually no one cares, the boss does not understand, then the foreign trade department you said. Learn what you want to learn and what you want to do.

Usually do more active work, no need to work on more research company's customer database, combined with GPM's customs data ( the company's customer information base more research, if not, directly in the GPM customer management system to add monitoring, all received customer information in a timely manner recorded, and do a good job in the classification of customer requirements.

About the product does not understand the problem, ran to the workshop to ask the technology on the process, more to see the workers operating machines or something to understand. You can also try to participate.

May be a lot of foreign trade links are you do it by hand, but this is still more exercise people, received orders from customers will also have enough sense of accomplishment.

05 Finally, talk about pay

As everyone knows, salesmen do not rely on the base salary, the base salary is only to make a living. The salesman's main income is the business ups and lows.

So it doesn't make sense to talk to the boss about increasing the base salary, an increase of three or four hundred dollars a month, and an increase of three or four thousand dollars a year. It's better to talk to your boss about the percentage of the percentage, because your business volume is increasing.

A lot of people are complaining that the score is too low, but let's see the results first. If its own performance is not satisfactory, this time regardless of the level of the rate does not make any sense, because the total amount is too small.

So, first forget about the ups and downs, and take their own performance exports as a criterion to spur themselves. Wait until you have your grades, and then make plans. When you talk to your boss, you'll have a lot of weight. If the results are more outstanding, the score has been very low, the boss also insisted not to give you the adjustment of the score, my hands and feet in favor of flash people.

For some only work for less than a year and then extremely tangled, if you really feel that the company's products are really not interested, and tangled no platform did not inquire, to jump on it. Otherwise others say no more is useless, because your mentality has been very difficult to stabilize, at this time the cost of exit is not big.

But also want to think more rationally, do not change themselves, just want to change a company, will be good?