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Take stock of common problems for foreign trade nods

Take stock of common problems for foreign trade nods

Foreign trade work for foreign trade people seems simple, in fact, very complex. The simple thing is that for nods, most processes are basic business processes, like domestic trade, but you pay me to ship, just order 1 processing methods are different. And complex is complex in the foreign trade process of each process is very important, branches and details are counted.

Recently Xiao Yi also visited a lot of foreign trade forums and public group chat, Xiao Yi found that the problems of foreign trade newcomers almost all have homogeneity, Xiao Yi summed up a few foreign trade newcomers in the work of a few types of high frequency problems, I hope you small partners can see the shadow of their own problems in the following inventory, to correct.

First, I think English is an obstacle

Some foreign trade people feel that good English can do a good job in foreign trade, or English is not good at doing good foreign trade, good English is not a good foreign trade to do a good inevitable condition, but to do foreign trade an advantage. The core advantage of doing foreign trade lies in whether we can use existing resources to provide customers with the best solution.

For example, to foreign trade customers to call, many sales staff worry about their English is not good, afraid to communicate with customers. In fact, we are always stumbled by their own assumptions, as long as English can meet the level of daily communication, it can be fully coped with. Prepare answers to common questions when communicating with customers in advance, as well as expressions of products, shipping schedules, and other related questions, and you'll be able to handle 90% of the conversations.

The data show that the single rate of telephone communication is better than that of relying solely on mail communication, and it is recommended that we try more.

Second, ignore basic skills.

The basic functions of foreign trade include:

Product awareness, industry awareness level, target market research depth, foreign trade process familiarity, development letter level, quotation table, product catalog production level.

Some foreign trade people, especially new people, from the beginning only concerned about where to find customers, repeatedly send low-level development letters, there is no customer willing to reply.

Even if there happens to be a customer response, will be in the follow-up negotiations because of the product, industry unfamiliar with the reasons, can not take orders.

Third, poor communication. 

To do foreign trade must pay attention to the communication with customers, but many foreign trade people will ignore the preparation before communication.

Before communication, we must do a good job of customer background checks, can collect customer information in major channels, but also improve the efficiency of the use of trade butlers of global buyers, directly view the customer's corporate background, customs transaction data, company size, company financial situation.

Know each other, a hundred wars are not lost. Only through the customer's background, in order to be targeted in the negotiation, hit the customer.

Fourth, ignore the concept of "trade secrets"

We do foreign trade, supply chain, service providers, customer information, company information, etc. , can not be disclosed. Light loss, heavy liability.

Fifth, do not understand the national etiquette.

Customer reception to vary from person to region, do not because the mail chat is almost, ignore the importance of the customer's country etiquette, do foreign trade in the face of global customers, in the reception of customers must understand the basic local customs and social habits, to avoid making mistakes in basic language etiquette, to avoid the text risk when chatting.

In addition, do not feel that in the mail and customer chat on the hot network ignored the customer as a "customer" status, a strong foreign trade salesman can maintain a customer, respect and not lose close social distance, which requires a long time to accumulate reception experience to grasp the balance.

Sixth, received an urgent response to the inquiry.

It is important to receive a timely response to inquiries, but the blind pursuit of speed, often not worth the loss.

The same inquiry customer may have sent to 20 suppliers, and if you do not investigate the customer's background, do not study the inquiry needs, and send a quote directly in the past (or even directly using the template), you lose.

Xiao Yi thinks that mistakes are not terrible, terrible is to know that the problem is still left to its development, if the new people can avoid these problems, may not be guaranteed to become a single, but at least can avoid most of the risk of losing a single.

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