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Facebook's Foreign Trade Clearance Cheats

Facebook's Foreign Trade Clearance Cheats

After so many years of foreign trade, one of my favorite overseas social platforms is Facebook, because forme it can not only be used to develop customers, but also to make friends with overseas counterparts, broaden the international perspective, to learn about the news in various countries, harvest a lot of fun. However, there are a lot of small partners said that now Facebook is like Renren, can no longer find customers, in fact, such a situation can only say that you still will not use Facebook, XiaoYi here to share some of my experience in Facebook development customers.

1,keyword search

On Facebook through the "keyword search users, keyword search public pages, keyword search team" can find some customers, keywords try to use industry words, do not limit the modifier, too many restrictions, search results will be very few.

2,mining peer customers

Smart use of Facebook,but also to dig into peer customers, simply through the peer's company page, peer salespage personal page, to find him likes and comments of people, many of them are his customers, followed by analysis screening, friends, follow-up communication.

3,the release of product information

You can post product information on Facebook and build your own company's homepage, which means you don't have to spend money to build a website and receive inquiries from time to time. Good communication, cultivate feelings, even if not single, but also to a friend to treat, can not say when he brought you a customer.

4,pay attention to the number of friends

Facebook has a limit on the number of friends, otherwise it will be sealed, an account a day plus the number of friends to be limited to 200, if it is a new number, you have to raise a period of time, and then add people, the number of people from a few start, slowly increase, to find a way to let others take the initiative to add you.

It is an international social platform, each country add some, more communication. Because your customers are all over the world, and when there are customers who need to verify that your product is good or bad, someone will speak for you. In addition, personal data as far as possible, the higher the degree of perfection, the greater the chance that a friend will apply for adoption.

5,combined with customs data

Facebook combined with customs data to develop customer effectiveness, because when you find contacts and company information on Facebook, you can use customs data to find company-related information, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the company and then look for decision makers, but most customs data companies provide contact information is not necessarily the person in charge of procurement, but I have been using Tradesns effect is very good, can be combined with the network data to dig deep into the person in charge of information, this method is very feasible, has used this method to develop two customers.

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6,post push

Facebook can be quick-tweeted posts, USD7 dollars can be pushed for a week, the country can be set according to their own requirements, about the reading coverage is about 12,000, the coverage is large, that inquiry may come. Even if there is no inquiry, there are customers to search, see this professional advertising, will also give you a lot of good impression.

7,post naturally

You can gossip and chat on Facebook, show yourself at the same time, close the distance with customers, don't think it's a waste of time, business is like this, close, trust has, business is good to do. Can be to potential customers to build a group chat, send some life photos, travel, corporate activities and so on, the personal life side are shown to customers, who like to have a warm professional people to do business.

Whether it's Facebook or other platforms, developing customers is never a one-off thing, you can't rush, you have to take it slow, step by step, so that customers know you, know you, believe in you, recognize you, always have a process. In the foreign trade industry, as long as adhere to, hard work, do not accept the loss is bound to have a harvest.

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